Friday, 27 September 2013

A stitch in time....

The inevitable happened yesterday when I got a call from MrM to say that he was on his way to the minor injuries unit with McBaby.

Apparently he'd got so excited about an activity that was planned for nursery that he ran too quickly for his legs and tripped over, landing on his face. A nasty gash ensued that needing gluing back together.

I met MrM and McBaby about an hour later at MRI and could hear the McBaby laughing from round the corner so knew it couldn't be too bad, but it was a sight to see a child covered in blood with a big hole in his chin.

We waited for another hour and then a lovely nurse cleaned him up and sorted him out. To help with making the Mcbaby sit still, I put Peppa Pig (Thank the Lord for Peppa again!) on my phone and held it aloft so the nurse could access the chin. She even helpfully put a bandage on his arm to distract him from the one on his face!

The McBaby then whinged a bit and I asked if it was the stinging.

"No, it's because he wants you to put another episode of Peppa on", MrM pointed out....


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Just switch off your TV set.....

..and so something less boring instead....

Surely the McBaby is too young to remember "Why don't you?" yet he persistently turned the TV off to his own amusement when we were watching it last night.

Just one more downside to having a TV....

Monday, 23 September 2013


I bought MrM a photoshoot for father's day which needed to be used by Saturday. Of course, we completely forgot about it until the last minute and then he couldn't make it. It sounded a bit like I'd arranged it on purpose but I honestly didn't.

The upshot was that the McBaby and I went - but hey, we can give him the photos next father's day, can't we?

I thought the shoot was in the centre of Oxford, so we left our house at lunchtime to give us time to park, find the place, cover up the horrendous red blemish on my nose from too much nose-blowing, go to Wagamama and to generally adopt an aura of serenity for the photo so we can pretend it exists in our lives.

However, it was not in the centre of Oxford, rather it was in a shopping centre somewhere outside the city centre meaning we had hours and hours to kill with just a Wilkinsons and a 99p store to entertain us, oh and a car backing into another car in the multi-storey as we arrived.

We managed to while away three hours but I did have to resort to putting £1 in a kids' ride on toy that saw off 30 seconds for us.

Then it was time for the photoshoot where I noticed that the McBaby had a greenish stain on his t-shirt and chocolate all over his jeans. Might as well include a touch of realism in the shots, I guess.

We had an hour of studio time, so after removing our shoes and socks, we posed for a couple of pictures together where I was unaware of anything other than my sore, bright red nose.

Time to get some pictures of the McBaby on his own. He absolutely relished being the focus of the shots and shouted "cheese" gleefully while strutting around the studio like a seasoned model, offering pouting shots, paparazzi shots and lots of laughter.

The photographer then offered us the use of the props in the room, starting with a leather sofa that the McBaby thought was for pushing across the studio rather than sitting on. When we finally coaxed him onto it, he insisted on standing on it, precariously close to the edge.

We put that back and got out a washing basket. Many's the time I've tried to get the McBaby to pose in a washing basket in the style of Anne Geddes, but he just won't sit in a basket. Or indeed anywhere. And he wouldn't do it for the photographer either, instead preferring to drag a vintage suitcase across the floor. "Hurray" I thought, instead of a basket, we'll get him to pose in a suitcase.

And it all looked promising as he got in. And then out. And then in. And then out.

Repeat 35 times.

Remember those computer programmes you used to write at school:

10 Get into suitcase
20 Get out of suitcase
30 Go to 10

We now have to go back to select some pictures so that should be interesting. Only this time, I hope the McBaby doesn't disappear out of the shop and run across the shopping centre only for me to have to chase him before I've put my shoes and socks on.


Monday, 16 September 2013

It's your party and I'll cry if I want to...

Sadly we weren't able to go to the McBaby's friend's birthday party a couple of weeks ago, but fortunately for us, her mum rescheduled!

Dropping MrM off at the Newbury Beer Festival and muttering something about how times had changed, I left him to have fun, drink beer and enjoy himself while I took the McBaby to the party.

Except he Would Not Go In. After prising him away from the door threshold, I got him in, only to have quite a few parents and children stare at us for what seemed an age until enough was enough and we decided to leave.

"You won't get any cake" I scolded.

We drove back to Hungerford where I realised that MrM had my key. We drove back to Newbury to get the key, returned to Hungerford and realised there was a book swap event at the bookshop. Swinging by our house to pick up an audio book, we went back to the bookshop where we swapped our audio book for a Babar the elephant book.

I then caught sight of a book that would make a lovely present for MrM's dad so queued up to buy it.

The woman behind the counter turned to serve me reluctantly and rolled her eyes. She then took the book I was going to buy and put it aside, then served everyone else in the queue, leaving me stuck holding the Mcbaby's hand.

Then a vairy posh lady pushed past me. Predictably, the McBaby ran off and got out of the shop and down the street before I could catch him.

Happily though, when I caught him up, it seemed that he had got his wish - when I asked what he was holding, he cheerfully showed me the piece of cake he'd taken from the bookshop.



That moment when your son blows a kiss at a builder who's come to the door.....

Monday, 9 September 2013

Blackberry crumble

After a lovely walk along the Kennet and Avon where we got a baby cupful (that's the only container I had with me) of blackberries.


I enlisted help with making some crumble. This is my helper who did a fabulous job of making crumble, ignoring the mess of flour all over the floor.