Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Concerned that the McBaby was watching too much Peppa (mainly because he kept calling me Peppa), I decided to look for things to do outside.

So when a recipe for homemade play dough popped into my inbox, I decided to follow it.

Step One:
Take a large bowl and add:

* 2 cups flour -DONE
* 1 cup salt -DONE

(Phone call here from a friend..."what are you doing?" "Making dough" "Oh sorry, didn't realise you were working today..hangs up)

*2 tablespoons vegetable oil, I've only got olive oil. Does that make me middle class?
* 2 tablespoons cream of tartar - haven't got any of this. Is it like tartare sauce? Ah, never mind, just how crucial can it be?

The answer is, very.

The McBaby loved playing with this but not quite in the way I'd imagined.....