Monday, 21 January 2013

The baby becomes a boy

I stare at the McBaby a lot.

Sometimes I can't believe that he's mine.

But in the last couple of days, I've been searching his face looking for my baby.

Where did he go? Where did this boy come from?

Three things have made him seem much more grown up (and these are the same two things that have made him cry quite heartily)

Number one:

We finally bought him a cot that fits him. MrM put it up and it looks fabulous and so welcoming. The McBaby disagreed and sobbed his heart out for 45 minutes when we put him in it.

I couldn't take it anymore and finally relented, allowing him back into our bed. That works out at about £5 per minute that we paid for the cot and the time he spent in it.

Number two:

We bought the McBaby his first pair of real shoes. The lady in Clarks was so lovely and patient with him and acknowledging that it was a big moment, and surprisingly sentimental, she was very gentle and even took a photo of the boy in his new shoes. I thought he'd be thrilled, but he sobbed and sobbed and tried to rip them off his feet. Looking at the precious photo, you'd think we'd been torturing him, not spending £30 on his shoes.

Number three:

The snow. It's been great watching the McBaby's face as he tries to comprehend the snow and his expressions as the snowflakes landed on his face. The reason I'm finding this a milestone is because people keep asking if this is his first experience of snow and the answer is that it is really because he was a few days old last time it happened and didn't appreciate it. A year!

So, treasure each moment. When you have a newborn, people tell you it soon passes. I knew it would and also knew that repeatedly telling people to treasure each moment is intensely annoying..


Monday, 14 January 2013

"I ask why a lot"

I absolutely love "Modern Family" and identify a lot with Claire Dunphy who tries so hard to be a good parent but often cracks under the strain of her demanding family.

In one episode, she talks about her son Luke who, frighteningly, behaves like his dad, the brilliant Phil who strives to be a cool cat. He says of Luke "some people ask 'why', Luke asks "why not"?"

Claire replies: "I ask why a lot".

I only have one little one, but I've been asking "why" A LOT - here are some of the "why"s from the last month:

1. Why did the McBaby play with the wrapping paper and none of his presents at Christmas?

2. Why are car seats so ridiculously difficult to install? I have been sporting a black eye after we put in the McBaby's new stage 1 seat when I stupidly reached down behind MrM to pick up a stray baby hat and got elbowed in the face. I wish I could contact the only person who has commented on the bruise and explain that when I said: "oh I got this black eye when MrM and I were trying to put the McBaby in his seat" that I didn't mean that we'd come to fisticuffs over it.

3. Why does the McBaby play with the hoover and the washing machine all the time?

4. Why did the McBaby draw on my face and how did he get it to resemble a moustache?

5. Why does the McBaby take no interest in his toys until one of his friends picks one up?

6. Why does the McBaby have more money than me?

7. Why does the McBaby behave so flawlessly at nursery?

8. Why does he get up and play at 3am?

9. Why is he quite happy to play on his own until I answer my phone and then wails like a banshee and pulls my trousers down round my ankles to get my attention (note to anyone who wants to try this in a corporate environment - it is unconventional, but it works).

10. Why does he insist on crawling when he can walk perfectly well?

11. Why is there always glitter in your hair?

12. Why do you look so happy when I collect you from nursery but then start crying when you're crawling to me?

13. Why do you love grabbing my glasses when I'm wearing them and throwing them on the floor?

Why indeed? Answers on a postcard to me, Claire Dunphy....