Monday, 20 August 2012

Beautiful Days

"For some reason that I still can't work out, my parents decided to put me, along with a bunch of other stuff, in the van and head down to Devon.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and parked up in a field. Mummy opened up some cider which I tried repeatedly to grab, but she wouldn't let me have any. While she was doing that, Daddy put up a tent and shouted things at her such as: "Didn't you bring the sodding mallet?" "This tent looks like it's bloody leaking" and "why are there only three tent pegs and why have you bent them all?"

They then met up with some friends who were dressed as ridiculously as my parents. Meanwhile, people kept trying to take pictures of me. I did my most unimpressed face.

We went back to the van and as soon as Mummy and I got into bed, it started raining. And raining, and raining and raining. And a bit more. And it was still raining when I woke mummy up at 5am. Fortunately daddy and his tent hadn't been swept away by the wind and rain, but daddy didn't get much sleep as the family next to us had been up all night shouting!

The lovely green grass now looked like this:

And mummy says the festival is called Beautiful Days!

So we played in the van until it stopped raining and I spent an hour ignoring all the toys mummy brought with her and instead banged a spoon onto a saucepan

until mummy made me go and see her favourite band. WHile she danced around like a loon, whooping and shouting, I went to sleep. Not only for the Levellers (where people kept laughing at my snoring), but also during Hobo Jones and Mad Dog McRea.

At least it stopped raining for the rest of the weekend, so I was able to flirt lots, listen to lots of great bands (including another one of mummy and daddy's favourite, 3 Daft Monkeys which I slept through)

I also tried festival food (which was a lot better than the stuff that mummy was cooking in one pan on the gas stove). As a side note, I did find it very funny when mummy unpacked the van when we got home and dropped a can of macaroni on the pavement. It rolled onto the road, and as she was about to pick it up, a car ran over it and POP! It exploded all over mummy who shouted something about not wanting to eat food out of a can, but not wanting to wear it either. Hahahaha!)

So my first festival experience can be summed up in two words: sleep

and beer.

Watch out for me, I'll be performing at Beautiful Days Eleven!


The McBaby


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