Monday, 27 June 2011

No, no, no

MrM and I have been very busy of late (particularly him) so our journey down to Glastonbury allowed us the chance to discuss some baby names.

These are the ones he vetoed:

Merlin, Otis, Seymour, Elvis, Lancelot, Odie, Percival, Marcus, Bilbo, Lev, Pax, Devon, Io, Cy, Luka, Rock, Solomon and Santa...

Girls: Toots, Artemis, Joey, Coco, Honey, Goldie, Abba, Momo, Ruby, Meredith, Clio, Bod, Pipier, Candy, Sydney, Ffi, Dobbie, Elwen and Dorsett.

And the ones he suggested himself?....................................................................................................................

Monday, 20 June 2011

More blood tests

I don't know why but I was really quite ill last night and was very worried that my food-poisoning-like symptoms were not at all good for the baby. But I still went ahead and cycled up to the local hospital for my latest blood tests which I had to have after Mr/Ms Baby didn't co-operate last time. So I found myself sitting in a waiting room listening to a woman phone someone and then at the top of her voice, enumerate her husband's illnesses and a blow-by-blow account of what the doctor had just said. And there was me thinking that you weren't supposed to use mobiles in the hospital. My number was eventually called - much like being in a Chinese takeaway - and I was led into a room where the woman asked me to verify my name, date of birth and address, which was on the piece of paper in my hand.

"Just checking you're who you say you are", she said as if I had sneaked in for a blood test to which I was not entitled. The needle went in and out, she put a plaster on it and that was that.

Saturday, 18 June 2011



I remember putting this down as a word when I was playing scrabble with MrM's parents and they wouldn't let me have it. I insisted it was a word so they checked in the dictionary and it wasn't there! (We haven't played scrabble since!)

The reason is, "doula" is actually a Greek word and is used to described a woman who supports you during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

Just what I need!

I actually found a local doula and poured out my heart. It's the first time I've been able to tell someone that I am nervous about various things and for me to ask my silly questions without fear of judgement! I am going to meet her at the beginning of next month and am surprisingly excited. I had a chat with her, she's already a grandmother and this kind of non medical support is what I've been looking for.

For just £200, I think she'll be a great asset; she will talk me through the pregnancy, attend the labour whether, as she put it, "it lasts four hours or 48" (Just for the record, I am not signing up for 48!), help with teaching breastfeeding and - get this - with doing light housework when the baby is here!

This is what she said:
"We will see what we can do to put your mind at rest!!Congratulations on your pregnancy, and thank you for your email. I am a Trainee Doula, and the role can be very varied. Please email me back if you want to have a chat, it can be very confusing when you first find out that you are pregnant with a first baby...but how exciting for you!!!
Best wishes

Friday, 17 June 2011


I had a call from the doctor and being lucky and healthy, this is not a regular occurence. He told me my haemoglobin was low at 8 when it should be 11. For some reason I thought about my mum telling me off when I used to announce my terrible exam results and asked the doctor: "what do I need to pass?"

Apparently I need lots of iron. How ironic then that MrM and I always buy clothes that enable us to avoid that very word. I picked up my prescription and headed to a pharmacy where they informed me that prescriptions were £7.40! The last time I was ill, they were about £4! Expensive business, being ill.

I tried Holland and Barrett, nothing, so then tried another pharmacy asking if they had iron tablets. They did, but they were 14mg each. My dose was 200mg.

"Does this mean I have to take 10 of these a day?" I asked. (I told you I was no good at exams, particularly maths).

He threw the bottle over his shoulder, much to my amusement and said they were useless, promising to order me a bottle of the tablets I needed. He then winked at me and said: "Better to pay for them rather than get them on prescription - they're £4."

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

MrM's parents

MrM has been crazy busy this weekend, so I wasn't entirely surprised to get a call from his mum on Monday morning, probably wanting to check that he was ok.

She called just before 9am and to my shame, I was still lolling about in bed! You can do this when you work from home!

She said that MrM had sent her a text saying that he had some good news. "Do you know what it is," she asked.

Various options sprinted through my head: mint shower gel at 2-4-1 at the moment, the fact that he and I had located the iron, strawberry plants growing in our garden.

"Er, no. Think it was just to tell you that his work is going well".

This seemed to satisfy her and she then told me all about the wedding she'd been to at the weekend.

I called MrM and asked him to call his mum which he did in the evening. I wasn't sure how the news would be taken, so I didn't want to be there when he did it. However, they were both pleased. Phew!


I discovered the most incredible outdoor pool I've ever been in today. And the worst thing about it, is that it is about a mile from my house!

My usual philosophy is to dive in head first without checking the temperature - thus not giving yourself time to back out. Not today as it was the bean's first trip to the outdoor pool as well as mine! For the first time ever, I dipped my toe into the water and got in so slowly and gingerly that a bloke in the pool swam over to me with words of encouragement - "just dive in!" he laughed. "It's lovely in here!".

The reason this made me laugh is that my sister and a friend of ours were saying that they thought I'd always wanted to be a mum. Not true. I am not one of those people who was born to be a parent. Though my life hasn't been as exciting as my sister's, I've always tried to make the most of the opportunities I've had and to a point have travelled and lived abroad as much as I could (until certain governments got in the way - pah!).

Though I am delighted about the littlin, it's not been my life's work. So my silly episode in the pool proved that I can do this. I wasn't born to do it, but I can do it!

My lovely friend

If you don't know me, let me tell you now that I am a complete idiot. Even those closest to me do not hesitate to tell me this, and boy, did I prove it the other day.

One of my lovely friends has been reading my blog on the charity challenge I set myself where I have been trying to do something for charity every day. She is way too intelligent for me, so of course found this blog before I had a chance to tell her the news in person.

She is wonderful and sent a lovely email:

ok, just saw your 'unpreparedmom' blog posts. Wow!!! Over the moon happy for you both. You will be such great Mom! What a lucky baby to have such a caring and outstandingly smart mom (not to mention funny...).

That made me cry.
Now for MrM's parents.....

Sunday, 12 June 2011


My sister came up with baby H as there was an outdoor version of La Boheme in our town (organised by MrM!). MrH is a handsome little chap and we had a fun afternoon in a lovely restaurant in the middle of nowhere where he giggled and cooed until he fell asleep. Later in the day, our mum looked after H while sis and I headed to the opera. So when I woke up this morning, I thought I should have a practice and offered, yes, offered, to change his nappy.

I asked my mum to supervise me and she and H couldn't stop laughing as I struggled to negotiate his kicking legs, and remove his nappy, give him a wipe down and put a new nappy on (the right way), before buttoning up his babygro and putting him back into his sleeping bag. The whole process took about 10 minutes, so I am quite seriously considering practising on a doll or teddy bear. I went to an event a couple of weeks ago to find out more about green nappies where the organiser told me that she found it easy to change a nappy with one hand in the dark. I bet her mum and the baby didn't laugh as heartily as H and my mum though!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The scan

We had to go to Reading for the scan, and only got lost twice on the way there. We then doubled this success rate once inside the hospital because I located the maternity unit on a map and just decided to walk through the hospital as the crow flies, meaning we got there via "clinical decisions", ENT, an eye clinic and through a cafe.

We arrived in a small room with ladies sporting bumps of various sizes with nervous partners and waited (me impatiently as I had, as instructed, a full bladder). Then we were led into the scan room by a lovely midwife who took no time at all into putting warm gel, which felt like mayonnaise, onto my stomach. Immediately, my three months of denial were dispelled as there was clearly a little bean with a heart beating away.

Embarrassingly, I said that I could see the baby's head, but was then told that those were the legs, and that the head was at the other end. I must practise so I don't get those mixed up when it's born....

The midwife couldn't get a clear photograph of the back of the head for the Down's Syndrome test as the baby wouldn't move. "It's quite stubborn", she said, prompting MrM to observe that it had already inherited one of my traits. I had to adopt various poses and wiggle around to make it move, but still it wouldn't budge.

We were even asked to step outside for a walk before returning to the scan room while someone else (with a more helpful bump) had their scan done.

Still nothing. I even had to get off the bed and jump up and down. Nothing. Twenty minutes of nothing.

COnfusingly, we were sent to the department to have another blood test, but as there was no measurement of the head, I have to come back to have another scan and another blood test. I was also told that I am about a week and a half further along than I should be, meaning that the baby is now due in mid December.

The Downs Syndrome thing is worrying me. So when we got home and I showed my Mum the scan picture, her reaction was not reassuring. She exhaled and wrinkled up her nose which scared the life out of me (she was a nurse).

I asked why she was pulling a face, and this pushed her into a bad mood. What should have been a day for celebration ended with her storming out of the house. I have decided that I shall not name the baby after her. Even if it's a girl.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Where's the green form?

I turned up at the GP's surgery today for my blood test and got asked for my "green form". In all the masses of paperwork I've been given, not one is green, apart from a voucher for free nappies. This means I have to wait in the doctor's reception for an hour an a half before my blood is taken, and I am told that because I have no "green form" that I might have to go through this procedure again. I don't recall ever being given a green form, but after my mum treats me to lunch (as she felt sitting in a doctor's surgery for two hours was a bit of a depressing birthday treat) I get home and turn the house upside down looking for this form.

I call the GP's surgery to tell them there's no sign and try to make my next midwife's appointment which the receptionist won't let me do. So I call back 10minutes later, and then another 10 minutes later until I get a different receptionist. If I'd known how much paperwork was involved in this process, I think I would have got a Labrador instead.

Blood test

Today I am celebrating my birthday with a blood test! I have a very uneasy feeling about it - not sure if it's because it's a sort of "move on up to the next tick box birthday" or because today might reveal bad news, or because it might reveal that there is in fact something in there!

I mentioned my fear about there not being a baby there for the scan tomorrow, and was told that most people have that feeling. I didn't know that which means I am not talking to other people enough or am not asking the right questions. I feel like a fraud.

The other feeling I have is that if everything goes well, I will be totally alone. We went househunting yesterday to look at slightly bigger houses (one with its own pet cemetery - a unique selling point!) and they were all very remote, which compounded this feeling of isolation that I've had for the last week or so.

What are the baby and I going to talk about?!